April 25, 2014 6:10 AM

Contemporary Renovation Interconnected Residence 1414 in Austin Texas

Residence renovation interconnected rooms

Contemporary Renovation Interconnected  Residence 1414 in Austin Texas.Is the house you live sekrang fancy as this house? Maybe you will be little or even surprised about the design of this house your home in comparison now, let’s read a little about this in the article contemporary renovation interconnected rooms residence in 1414 in Austin texas can provide much information about the design of luxury homes at this time

A house was originally built in the 1940s this was the first building the foregoing , in the historic neighborhood in Austin are probably a lot of people already know this place is a little much but yet you immerse apbila very missed , Texas , renovated by Miró Rivera Architects to meet expectations when the owner saw her for the first time . During the 1980s , where it undergoes several transformations are less inspired , which does not exactly reflect the true nature of the architecture that is highly reliable by Miró Rivera . What clients want is to ” go back to the 40s ” . “The goal of the MRA is to restore the exterior of homes in this historic neighborhood while transforming the interior to bring light and provide a better connection with the exterior because of the light coming from outside will be able to enter into this interconnected ruanagn . A simple palette of materials used to maintain balance between the traditional aspects of the original home and modern updates needed by a family of four who occupied it because mixing as between traditional and modern design that produces incredible though , the former had undergone various renovations that have repeatedly but at this time if is consistent with the surrounding environment is the very blend with the residential dwelling or occupied . ”

Transparency renovation interconnected rooms

Implied contemporary renovation brings a modern update to a series of scene that there are a lot of outside and inside that has changed to become something extraordinary . A new pool is built from scratch while the garage was rebuilt with no trees beside a very refreshing in the morning , turning the second floor into a private gym . The house itself becomes more open with many windows and doors that you can freely enter to go into the house , gleaming and tidy . Floor- to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors add a sense of transparency interconnection environment . Stainless steel is one of the major metal finish on the interior of the house : on the stair handrails for equipment and shelves – it’s everywhere . Finally , the walls were painted white to keep the room clean and balanced with a clean white nuasan be preferred by architectu the owners art collection . Possible so that I can give contemporary renovation of the rooms are interconnected residence in 1414 in Austin texas I hope you got something from this information and thank you.

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bathroom renovation interconnected rooms


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Open renovation interconnected rooms


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Wooden renovation interconnected rooms